Head Office:Plot 17 Oke Moro Oke Agbo Ijebu Igbo,Ogun State. Branch Office:No 15 Shaba Street,Agege Lagos State.
Mon - Sat: 9:00am - 8:00pm

Our History

Anjola Merchants Pls have been in Existing Since2010 Basically Producing All kinds Of Products Made From Cow/Beef Namely,Cow-Skin,(PONMO IJEBU),Salted Omasum,Dried Beef Pizzle,Hotdog etc.We So Much Value Our Customer To Enable Longterm Business With Absolute Intergrity and honest to Meet Their Demand According as Requested.We supply to different kind of country,USA,EUROPE AND ASIA country without delay after the order has been place.Our Company have capacity to supply tons of goods to our buyer anywhere in the world,The quality of our services has makes us to stand out when it comes to Agricultural products. By virtue of our experience and exposure we will continue make Anjola Merchants an household to become legendary suppliers of made from cow products foods it is local, and it will be global.

How Do You Rate Us?
We are so happy to let you know that your transaction are saved with Anjola Merchants Plc you can never regret for doing business with them there are trusted and realible.
Ibrahim Chatta ft Ijebu Ambassador.


Some of Our Happy Customers

“I ordered Ponmo for my big day and it was beautiful! It was just what I wanted. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends!”
I am so Glad to know this particular cow products suppliers they are very realible and trusted and they deliver in time.
Thanks so much for your quick delivery of our items despite we order is so late.

Our Team

Skylight Webdev Ltd

The Backend Developer and General Marketing Manager Of Anjola Merchants Plc togetherness we achieve our dreams.

Shadron Foods

Our Partnership business company helping in terms of shipping our products sold abroad to our respective customers.

Frozen Foods

We are supplying all kinds of frozen foods to company and individuals for their occasional party without delay.

Product Catalogue

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