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Ponmo Ijebu

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Ponmo Ijebu is cow skin that has been processed for consumers through burning,cooking,soaking etc.Nigeria Ijebu ponmo is used to cook a wide variety of dishes, soups, sauces and even snacks or finger food such as; BOKOLISA SOUP ; EGUSI SOUP;OFADA RICE STEW RECIPE ; MARUGBO RECIPE || OBE EWETA || BLACK SOUP; Native Jollof rice; Peppered ponmo etc. Ponmo IJEBU has always been in the market since 10th century without being diagnos of any virus disease.There has been rumors going round that Ponmo is not good that it has virus which they did not specify the brand of the ponmo.Over the century's there are no victim of our ponmo IJEBU brand because the processing of Ponmo IJEBU is very dynamic so there are no means for virus to penetrate.

Dried Ponmo
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We Specialize In Ponmo Ijebu,Garri Ijebu,Ogiri Ijebu etc Delivering NationWide.


Ponmo Ijebu Brands

* Honda

* Bajaj

* Lagata

* Orobo

These are the category of how ponmo ijebu was cut to specify the product sizes.

Ponmo is usually sold in markets, and supermarkets, and it can also be found online, and in an African grocery store. It is often sold in its whole form, but it can also be found in small pieces. Ponmo is usually cooked before it is eaten. Ponmo is popular in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. It is usually eaten with rice, beans, vegetables, or any other type of starch. Ponmo is a popular kind of meat often used in traditional Nigerian food, and it is also often used in soups and stews. It can also be fried, boiled, stewed, or grilled. It has a very unique texture and flavour that is loved by many.

Over the centuries Ponmo has been the main source of income of a tribe in south west nigeria popular know as"IJEBU" and it has really help to build many infracture in the communities and have created many job opportunies in the society including degree holder have choose Ponmo Ijebu has their main source of income.

Special Processing

- Burning

- Cooking

- Soaking

Fresh Ponmo

₦10,000 per 50pics

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Cold Honda Ponmo

₦12,000 per 50pics

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thick ponmo

₦6,000 per 50pics

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